Good Night! You are very special!

You are special!!

I am proud of people
Very nice, very special,
True friends, true angels,
Who are as the sun:
They warm us even
From far away,
They make the sky more blue…
Do you know I am proud?
I am proud of you!!
Oriza Martins


I love you

My heart falls for you...


I love you

Just for You...
A flower for You.


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Happy Birthday! Kisses in your heart!

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Gifs by Oriza

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Happy Birthday, my dear!

Happy Birthday, Honey!

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Happy Birthday, Honey!
I love you... I do love you!!

*** ***

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Romantic Happy Birthday - Love Birthday

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I love you... Y need you... I miss you!!
Happy Birthday!


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This Woman

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There is this woman made for me
this woman craves for me
I love this woman so true
and I know that she loves me too

There is this woman who kisses me
this woman pleases me
I take this woman to be my wife
and I know she wants me for life

There is this woman who dreams about me
This woman makes love to me
When I lay against this woman to sleep
I feel a love towards her so deep

There is this woman who loves me
This woman was made for me
I desire her in every possible way
This woman is my night and day

Pablo Loves Life

Making Love With You

Making Love With You
by Bill Turner
The nights passion is driven
Pushed to the brink with each touch
Oh this life we are livin'
Loving each other so much

When we are together
Electricity in the air
Loving each other forever
Showing how deeply we care

Kisses becoming sensual taste
Intense, satisfying touch
Not a moment to waste
It will never be too much

Pounding each other deep
Hands entwined in hair
This moment we will keep
Showing that we care

Never finding the end
As we start anew
The way our bodies do bend
Making love us two

Divine Presence...

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You never have to feel yourself alone…

As this tree, apparently lonely in all landscape,

Be sure that you will always have the sun to hug you, to heat you…

And after its descent at sunset,

You will have the stars,

Plenty of friends to lull to sleep you from the sky…

Nobody is alone when in the presence of God’s creatures…

Oriza Martins

Pallet in God's Hands

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Golden shades of the nature,

A pallet in God’s Hands,

So much love, so much beauty

Fills my soul and my eyes…

The twilight, in magic,

Coloring, intense, brief,

Divine touch radiates

And it becomes my soul happy.

Oriza Martins///

I Love You...

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Gifs by Oriza "

I love you with my body, my heart and my soul!!

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Shakespeare Love Poems

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I like staying with you

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