I wanted to die of love (by Oriza Martins)

I wanted to die of love

I wanted to die of love, I wanted, one day,
When I suspected of you deceiving me,
I suffered, you did not deceived me
That you wanted me, and still love me…

I wish I resigned the sun and spring,
The sounds of the afterglow, the light of the stars,
Happiness, joy – I wish –
I suspected I would never live them again...

I dove myself in an abyss,
In the distrust and disappointments,
I avoided joys that only life can bring,
Closed myself to other hearts.

However, I understood, slowly, happily,
That after the storm, rises prosperity,
And while I tortured my mind,
I also sacrificed hope.

If we come to this world to be happy, love,
Why not resist suspicions?
Why not indulge in a another trust,
And why not make the relationship perfect?

I understand now, in a sincere stirring,
What my heart wishes and my soul feels:
No longer for love – no more – die I wish,
But – yes – of eternal love, living intensely,
And surrender myself, so: completely…

Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

Happiness (by Oriza Martins)


Saturday morning, sunny,
A day of sunshine, of flowers, of gardening;
I happily go, take care of the branches,
Take care of the rose garden and the pergola.

Will follow me my love, the sun, the wind,
Butterflies, moths and hummingbirds,
Dancing along with the singing of the flycatchers,
Framed by the blue skies…

I'll sprinkle the fascinating allamanda,
Making my hostel colored,
Delicious, fragrant lavender ...

And after so flourishing journey,
We'll lay down in a hammock on the porch,
Making love until life be forgotten…

Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

Girls in love (by Oriza Martins)

Girls in love

Who are these creatures
So vibrating, kind and pure,
Overflowing heart,
With a future to dream,
Unfolding in flower buds,
Beautiful, full of love,
Enchanted by life?
Girls in love!

If insecurity hits,
Do not lose the hope,
Fight to deserve
And believe… Believing is achieving!
For a smiling future,
Believe in your dream,
And be determined,
Girls in love!!

©Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

True Friendships (by Oriza Martins)

True Friendships

Says the proverb that
the one who has friends, has everything.
And the one who thinks that has everything,
But lives without anybody,
In loneliness, with not friends,
Actually, little has…

Ties that bond people
In sincere friendships,
Hardly drift into
the drain of cruelty.

Real friendships
Are like a rare essence,
That envolves us with carress
And supply our needs.

For material goods,
There are stores to buy.
But there are not stores that can
offer friendships…

And in the hours of uncertainty,
Who should we count?
Whatever might a danger be
It will never have the value
Of a sincere friend shoulder…

©Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

How old are you? (by Oriza Martins)

How old are you?

If we are asked “how old are?”,
our tendency is to list the time of our lives.

But why don’t we stop to consider
all these years that have passed –
we no longer have them?
Gone are the times, they belong to the past,
good or bad, happy or not,
and we no longer can use them,
except enjoy the lessons that life has taught us.

Far more sensible would be the answer:
"I hope I will have many years."
For the years that will come - they do -
mean those we have left, those we really "have",
which are placed what remained of hope and dreams to realize.

How old are you?
Think about it.
And try to make from the years - you still have - the best of your existence.

©Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

Give hope a chance (by Oriza Martins)

Give hope a chance

The storm of today may be dark, 
but there will always be a chance 
of rising a shiny Sun in the next morning.
Seeing a sunny tomorrow after an sleepless night 
is an attitude that brings us relief.
It is trust.
It is belief. Optimism and hope.
Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by despair.
Give hope a chance!
Hope is a safe harbor to afflicted hearts!...

©Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

Love Day by Day (love poem by Oriza Martins)

Love Day by Day

There are so many details, so many intimate moments, 
Tiny drops of tenderness of our life together, 
That the slightest shadow of a doubt 
We dialogue, we do not put off for tomorrow

If we laugh, we laugh together – we join happiness, 
If there is pain, we cry together – we join hearts... 
In the hours of grief, love sow faith, 
And faith reaps love - the harvest of emotions.... 
So we complement each other, uniting body and soul 
Mind and pleasure - reasons to be happy. 
And I thank the heavens for finding in you 
the life that I always dreamed, the love I always wanted! 


Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

Our Friendship (a poem by Oriza Martins)

Our Friendship

Who are the angels with whom I cry and laugh,
In the tough hours, in the sweet moments,
With whom I vibrate along the summer afternoons
With whom I share sincere thoughts?...

They are rare jewels, preciousness,
They are friendships I carry in the very bottom of my heart,
that support me under storms
and accept me as I accept them.

You always made me believe
In the goodness of life, in a golden future…
And this friendship I will certainly deserve
Sincerely, while I am alive! 

Oriza Martins 
Tr: Daiane da Silva

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