Why Suffer?...

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Why Suffer?...

Oriza Martins

Why lament the darkened day,

if tomorrow the sun will return glorious?

Why sadden ourselves

with the severity of winter,

if spring is coming soon

to cover the nature with colors and loves?

Why live remembering

ominous souvenirs of the past,

if the life is to our front and

it should be enjoyed?

Why close the heart to future relationships,

if we are born to love, to love… and to love?

Why insist on the cold solitude

and not enjoy the warm presence of someone?

Why discourage ourselves because of financial difficulties

if we have a great potential to face challenges?

Why suffer because of problems of health

and not to use optimism - the way to win all battles?

Finally…As great Poets say:

I cannot choose how I feel, but I can choose what I do about it.”


“Pain can be inevitable, but Suffering is optional.”

Namoro Cristão, Romance online