How old are you? (by Oriza Martins)

How old are you?

If we are asked “how old are?”,
our tendency is to list the time of our lives.

But why don’t we stop to consider
all these years that have passed –
we no longer have them?
Gone are the times, they belong to the past,
good or bad, happy or not,
and we no longer can use them,
except enjoy the lessons that life has taught us.

Far more sensible would be the answer:
"I hope I will have many years."
For the years that will come - they do -
mean those we have left, those we really "have",
which are placed what remained of hope and dreams to realize.

How old are you?
Think about it.
And try to make from the years - you still have - the best of your existence.

©Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva