I wanted to die of love (by Oriza Martins)

I wanted to die of love

I wanted to die of love, I wanted, one day,
When I suspected of you deceiving me,
I suffered, you did not deceived me
That you wanted me, and still love me…

I wish I resigned the sun and spring,
The sounds of the afterglow, the light of the stars,
Happiness, joy – I wish –
I suspected I would never live them again...

I dove myself in an abyss,
In the distrust and disappointments,
I avoided joys that only life can bring,
Closed myself to other hearts.

However, I understood, slowly, happily,
That after the storm, rises prosperity,
And while I tortured my mind,
I also sacrificed hope.

If we come to this world to be happy, love,
Why not resist suspicions?
Why not indulge in a another trust,
And why not make the relationship perfect?

I understand now, in a sincere stirring,
What my heart wishes and my soul feels:
No longer for love – no more – die I wish,
But – yes – of eternal love, living intensely,
And surrender myself, so: completely…

Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva