Love and Jealousy (by Oriza Martins)

Love and Jealousy

Jealousy and love... complicated coexistence,
That troubles our lives,
And in our soul, the scars for disappointment.
If a little bit jealousy heats the flame
In excess this flame will certainly be spread
Dissent, disaffection, disunity.

Love means altruism,
But jealousy exceeds selfishness
That thrives in troubled hearts.
If love is based on trust,
Jealousy interrupts goodness
What brings happiness to the ones in love.

The saying goes that we shall sleep with eyes opened,
Especially when the loved one is not around,
And that we must trust... suspicious…
But to get rid of the pain of jealousy,
If we really wish to prove our love,
It is better trust... trusting!

Oriza Martins

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