Love Stories (by Oriza Martins)

Love Stories

What are love stories? ...
Fountains gushing out passion
Rivers in profusion
Of tears that warm,
Meeting - or mute -
Appeals from the heart ...

Weeping, phrases, emotions,
Sighs, laughter, songs,
So many ingredients! ...
Each story has its color
Its aroma, its flavor,
So different sensations! ...

Surrender without shame
With tenderness, desire,
Along adventures or in pain ...
Dive with body and mind,
Experiencing intensely
Our love stories ...

And if these love stories
bring us unpleasantness,
Let’s love in essence...
Because love ennobles us,
For Love means
The lighthouse of existence ...

Even unmatched
Must also be experienced,
Without any resentment or contempt! ...
More important is the feeling,
For what really matters
Are love stories...

© Oriza Martins
Trad.Daiane da Silva